From the outset, DigitalQ has been associated with the provision of reliable and effective IT solutions to business.

DigitalQ brings together technical innovation and a sound understanding of our clients' business needs to keep their IT systems running smoothly, leaving them to get on with their business.

We take the stress out of computing, and we've got the skills and experience to cover everything from telephones to networks, PCs to servers, web development to hosted web applications.

Whether you're looking to improve the management of your existing systems or to do something new, DigitalQ can make it easy.

DigitalQ is a privately held company providing consulting and custom software development using Open Source technologies.

Our core focus for achieving business results

DigitalQ helps companies develop their operations platform. By focusing on the technology, we enable companies to focus on building great products. From design to implementation and staffing, we are the technology consultants to ensure your startup is successful.

We launch startups. That means we have most of our experience in the technologies startups use and the problems they face. A few of the areas we are strongest in:

Corporate Infrastructure

When you can't rely on the basics, you can't rely on anything. Through the years we've been the guys who keep your Email running, your Domain Controller humming, and the HR process streamlined. Our focus is on building the sort of corporate environments that fade into the background. Whether you are on Windows, Linux, or a mix of the two, your corporate technology should be as close to transparent as possible.

Web Based Services and Applications

All of our consultants have helped run businesses on the web. We've helped run sites that are purely customer facing, and some that are services (such as Pay-Per-Click advertising platforms.) Setting up, automating, and deploying Java applications, mod_perl sites, and Ruby on Rails is our bread and butter.

Systems Management and Automation

We love to automate ourselves out of a job. We are strong believers in building infrastructure that builds and manages itself. (We hate to repeat ourselves.) Using scripts written in Perl and Ruby in concert with Puppet and Cfengine, we build systems that run themselves.

Open Source Software

We are big believers in Open Source Software - "The promise of better quality, higher reliability, more flexibility, lower cost, and an end to predatory vendor lock-in." We like to give back as often as we can, and are active members of many communities. In particular, we like to use Debian, Perl, Ruby, Catalyst, and many other freely available tools.