Digital-Q - Implementing Business Expectations

Digital-Q provides complete business oriented computing solutions. The solutions are not limited to a single area (e.g: just software or hardware) or operating system.

We're not obligated to hardware/software vendors. Our goal is providing the best solutions to our clients. We test the suggested solutions on ourselves and implement them in case of satisfaction.

Objective is being achieved through high quality control with the right offshore development, at the right price, at the right time.


Our work methodology is based upon careful analysis of your requirements and needs. Before actual development is started, a complete analysis of your requirements and needs is performed, verifying that your requirements and targets can me met in an economical manner. We don't believe in endless projects, each project has a defined start point and end point.


We strive to supply a service based upon high integrity, which means that sometimes, you won't like the answers we'll give you regarding your ideas/requirements/needs. We believe that your success is our success

Linux and OpenSource

We believe in Linux and Open Source and aspire to base all our solutions on them.

The biggest advantage for our clients is low licensing cost. Add to that lower hardware requirements and the ability to recycle old computers lying around.