M-Commerce Solutions

With more and more of business being conducted over the Internet, it has become imperative for enterprises to have wireless Internet access. This is where M-Commerce comes in. “M-commerce or Mobile Commerce” is accessing the Internet via a mobile device, such as a cell phone or a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).

Benefits from m-commerce solutions

  • Your Internet offerings are easier and more convenient to access.


  • You get considerable flexibility while conducting business.


  • Transaction and personnel costs are reduced due to widespread automation


  • back-office operations.


DigitalQ helps you to capitalize the opportunities in the mobile Internet space. We design end-to-end m-commerce solutions that facilitate you to exploit the full potential of the emerging wireless communication technologies.

Our approach in developing these applications is conceptualizing, designing and implementing solutions so that the applications deliver real benefits, and enhance your business operations, productivity and effectiveness. DigitalQ offers m-commerce solutions for an infrastructure that will allow organizations to operate seamlessly across platforms and devices.

The solutions designed and developed assist you to automate your business processes and improve the exchange of information between companies and employees and customers, resulting in improved business efficiencies and more effective customer interactions. Our m-commerce applications are tailored to your specific corporate objectives and integrated into your company's IT infrastructure.