Web Hosting Services

DigitalQ provides hosting services at Internet service providers in India and abroad. This includes purchase, rental or installation of a server or virtual server at the service provider, and remote management of the server or purchased services thereafter. Our hosting service fills the need for Internet presence support where most of the ISP's and server rental companies leave off. We manage you operating system, DNS, applications and backups. The conectivity providers are usually not set up to provide this service.


The Truth About Web Hosting

We want to tell you a few things about web hosting that most our competitors would not want you to know. The truth is, web hosting isn't all that hard (this also explains why there are so many web hosting companies!). Essentially, all that it involves is a server (a fancy term for a PC connected to a network), a very fast internet connection, and some web hosting software. The server is seldomly located on the premises of the web hosting company itself and are instead co-located in a data center. Data centers are physically located in close proximity to the "central nervous system" of the internet and accordingly provide extremely fast, reliable internet connectivity that simply cannot be provided in most places (or at least not without massive expense). Data centers also provide a safe location for the server, automatic generator backup in the event of a power failure, and are under constant surveillance.

So, once the server has been set up, all the web hosting company needs to do is: (a) pay their monthly bill to the data center, (b) set up accounts for new users, (c) help users with any technical difficulties, and (d) make sure that the server is secure and humming along, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our in-depth understanding of the web has enabled us to extend wide-ranging services pertaining to this particular domain. So right from designing and developing your website to hosting and updating it, we are with you. Every step of the way. We understand the crucial role that your website plays for your business.

DigitalQ offers low cost and reliable web hosting services in India. Whether you're an enterprise level business or a small business entity or someone who just wants to host own personal website - we have a suitable web hosting solution for you.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

DigitalQ cares for your business as much as you do and we do realize the sincere efforts you've put in your business, therefore we take every arduous measure to ensure that your online business is successful. We concentrate on delivering the best of our abilities, just like you would do for your own business. It is DigitalQ’s approach to providing top quality services and reliable technical support that ensures Guaranteed Customer satisfaction.